Thursday, March 15, 2007

Goals achieved in Mexico.

Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico - Travis and I finished 5th in Group N at our first WRC Event. While we didn't have quite the pace we need to compete for the win (yet), we drove a smart, clean race, and had only one tire problem while our competitors had punctures front and rear, which was enough for fifth. Our race wasn't without drama, however. We had to replace the rear differential on the Saturday evening service and broke either the gearbox or rear diff on the last stage, and just managed to nurse the car back to the finish line.

Our next race is in Portland Oregon, on April 20-22, 2007, in Hillsboro, OR.


Shockey0640 said...

Hey good to hear about the race. Way to work though the mechanical problems with the car. I hope that you two got that experience that you were looking for out of the WRC.
Good Luck on your next race.

gloriafanbud8subaru199 said...

Good to hear you got the experience you wanted. Hopefully everything will be a little better once you get to Argentina!

Good luck in Oregon! I'm sure you guys will be glad to be back at home.

Arlene said...

Happy birthday, Christian -- I hope that you're having an awesome one.

Nice work in Mexico. Now that you know where you guys stand, things can only get better. Well, actually, that's not true... but I think you know what I mean, hahah.

Anyway, congratulations on a clean race and a 5th place finish, and good luck at Oregon Trail.