Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Well, after nearly 10 years in the co-driver's seat, I've decided to hang up the helmet for a few months. My last event with Travis and Subaru Rally Team USA was the 2008 Sno*Drift rally, where Travis and I managed to, with the help of an errant deer, snatch defeat from the hands of almost assured victory. While it would have been nice to go out with a win, it was a good reminder of just how fickle rally is. And why we love that.

My grateful thanks to Subaru, Vermont SportsCar, James, Lance, and Travis for the opportunity they've afforded me over the last 4 years. And to Derek and Clint for being the best supervision any co- could ever hope for.

And my deep thanks and affection to the guys for always sending the car back out looking new, even when we brought it back looking like total shit. Special thanks to Gregg for the phone call to get that hose back on at Cog -- saved the season, it did. Seriously, you guys are the best crew in the world. Travis and I owe every success we've had to you.

So that's it. Hasta Pasta. This blog is done. For your fill of Christian Edstrom writing, turn to the pages of 0-60, or to the New York Times Auto section blog, Wheels.

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